Jan. 27-28

Mountain View, CA

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The Arrival of Actionable Personalized Medicine: The Age of Guided Disease Management

January 26, 2014

6:30pm Luminary Award Reception Honoring Jay Flatley, Illumina By invitation only

January 27, 2014

Day 1
7:00am Registration, Breakfast and Networking
8:00am Welcome Laurence Marton, PMWC
8:05am Honorees and Keynote Speakers
Pioneer Award Ceremony Yuet Wai Kan,UCSF
8:15am Stanford Healthcare Delivery Innovation Amir Dan Rubin, Stanford Hospital and Clinics
8:30am Luminary Honoree Jay Flatley, Illumina
8:45am Panel: Ten Years into Personalized Medicine: What We’ve Learned & What’s Next Kim Popovits, Genomic Health, Randy Scott, InVitae, Brook Byers, KPCB, Jay Flatley, Illumina, Moderator Ralph Snyderman, Duke University
9:30am A Research Agenda for Genomic Medicine: Opportunities and Challenges Eric Green, National Human Genome Research Institute
9:45am dSystems Medicine and Wellness Lee Hood, Institute for Systems Biology Translational NGS Technologies
Translation of NGS from Bench to Bedside in Oncology Daniel Grosu, Illumina, Inc.
10:00am Break, Exhibition & Networking Break, Exhibition & Networking
10:30am Personalized Medicine in Oncology Translational NGS Technologies- Cont. Company Competition
Epigenetic Changes in Cancer: Use for Detection and Prediction of Therapies James Herman, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions Custom Enrichment Panels for Targeted NGS Rami Zahr, Integrated DNA Technologies Andy Kurtz, NCI SBIR Update
10:45am Targeted Therapy in the Era of Genomic Medicine George Sledge, Stanford University Medical Center The SmartChip TE™ Target Enrichment System for Clinical NGS Gianluca Roma, WaferGen
11:00am PM in Oncology Today: Making It Work for Patients, Clinicians, Researchers, and Industry Marty Tenenbaum, Cancer Commons, George Demetri, Dana-Farber/Harvard,
Vincent A. Miller
, Foundation Medicine
Neil Schiffman, Lung Cancer Survivor, Edgar Staren, CTCA Medicine and Science
Nabsys Semiconductor-
based Single-molecule Genomic Mapping
Barrett Bready, Nabsys Ayasdi
Consumer Education Carmenta Bioscience
11:15am Reducing Chronic Disease: Intersection of Genomics & Lifestyle Jeffrey Bland, Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute(PLMI)
11:30am Taking it to the Streets: Genomics for Everyone Catherine Ball, AncestryDNA CellScape
11:45am Biomarker and Companion Diagnostics Clusterk
PGx: Transforming Medicine with Clinically Actionable Information Christina Mailloux, Iverson Genetics
12:00pm Lunch, Exhibition & Networking Lunch, Exhibition & Networking
1:00pm Pre- & Neonatal Advances Biomarker and Companion Diagnostics - Cont. Company Competition Patient Education
A Clinical and Whole Genome Sequencing Study of Preterm Birth John Niederhuber, Inova Health System Using Complementary Dx Testing in Patient Management Lucy Lu, Crescendo Data4Cure George Sledge, Stanford University Medical Center

Introduction to Personalized Oncology
1:15pm Non-invasive Prenatal Testing: Clinical Benefits, Challenges, and Limitations Ken Song, Ariosa Diagnostics Challenges for Clinical Development of Predictive Tissue Based Biomarkers Hartmut Juhl, Indivumed DNA SEQ
1:30pm Brain-based Applications Proteomic Biomarkers for the Molecular Diagnosis of Benign Lung Nodules Ken Fang, Integrated Dx GeneCentric
Personalized Medicine Advances in Neuropsychiatric Disorders Brian D. Athey, Michigan Medical School
1:45pm A post-GWAS Method for Highly Informative Associations in Complex Diseases Allen Roses, Barbaresco Pharmaceuticals FDA Is Not The Enemy Mya Thomae, Myraqa GeneYouIn
2:00pm Evolving Role of PET in Personalized Medicine and Targeted Therapy Abass Alavi, University of Pennsylvania Hospital Mesolimbic Vs. CYP PGx Predicts Chronic Pain Morbidities Daniel A. Schwarz, Proove Biosciences iNanoBio Neil Schiffman, Lung Cancer Survivor, Ysabel Duron, Latinas Contra Cancer, Sharon Terry, Genetic Alliance, Danielle Hicks, Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation

Engaging Patients in Navigating Personalized Medicine: The Patient Advocates’ Opportunity
2:15pm Performance on Cognitive and Emotional Tests Predicts Treatment Response in Depression Amit Etkin, Stanford University and VA Palo Alto Health Care System Detection and Monitoring of Circulating Tumor DNA in Plasma Andre Marziali, Boreal Genomics HealthTell
2:30pm Genetics, Cognition, Blood-brain-barrier Function and Drug Selection Alan Schatzberg, Stanford University Monitoring Mutations in Cell-Free Urinary DNA of Metastatic Cancer Patients Mark Erlander, Trovagene NewCo
2:45pm DTI, MRI, fMRI Biomarker Prediction of Treatment Response in Depression Stuart Grieve, FRANZCR Personalized Dentistry: Payers Apply Genetic Stratification to Prevention Ken Kornman, Interleukin Genetics Numedii
3:00pm Break, Exhibition & Networking Break, Exhibition & Networking
3:30pm Brain-based Applications - Cont. Biomarker and Companion Diagnostics - Cont. Company Competition Patient Education
Benefits and Obstacles in the Use of Brain-based Measures in Everyday Wellness David Nill, Cerner Personalizing Patient Care in Transplantation: The XDx Experience James Yee, XDx NVIGEN Edgar Staren, Medicine and Science, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Application of Personalized Medicine for Breast Cancer
3:45pm Maximizing Big Research Data A Barrier to Implementing PGx Into Clinical Practice Alan Wu, UCSF Quantum Biosystems
Maximizing Big Research Data to Unmet Medical Needs Eric Lai, Takeda, Suzanne Vernon, CFIDS Association of America, Robert Plenge, Merck Research Laboratories
4:00pm Early Diagnosis of CVD Guido Baechler, Singulex Neurotrack
4:15pm A Predictive Dx for Cancer Patient Response to Platinum-Based Chemotherapy Paul Henderson, Accelerated Medical Diagnostics Panel: Getting Funded: Tips from the Trenches
John Steuart, Prolog Ventures, Paul Conley, Paladin Capital Group, Bonnie Anderson, Veracyte, Inc., Brian G. Atwood, Versant Ventures, Paul Hastings, OncoMed
George Demetri, Dana-Farber

Application of Personalized Medicine for Sarcoma
4:30pm Designing Clinical Practices Around Personalized Medicine Brain-based Products in Wellness, Addiction, Depression and ADHD Evian Gordon, Brain Resource
Delivering Precision Medicine through Genomics and Big Data Andrew Kasarskis, Icahn Inst. for Genomics & Multiscale Biology
4:45pm Rapid Genome Sequencing, Interpretation and Management in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Euan Ashley, Stanford Medical School Applications of NGS in Research and the Clinic: The Age of Targeted Therapy Vincent A. Miller, Foundation Medicine
5:00pm Genetic Dimensionality Informs Precision Cancer Medicine Hanlee Ji, Stanford Medical School EdgeSeq - Innovative Sample and Library Prep Enabling NGS Clinical Adoption Debrah Thompson, HTG Molecular John Steiner, CTCA

Fundamentals of Coverage and Payment for Patients and Their Families
5:15pm Implementation of Clinical Cancer Genomics Within an Integrated Healthcare System Lincoln Nadauld, Intermountain Healthcare CDx & Drug/Dx Co-Development Paul Billings, Life Technologies
5:30pm Closing

January 28, 2014

Day 2
Main track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
7:30am Registration, Breakfast and Networking
8:00am NGS Moving to the Clinic   Company Competition Patient Education
8:15am Panel: Killer Apps, Genome Interpretation & The Future of NGS Steve Quake, Stanford University, Cliff Reid, Complete Genomics, Stefan Roever, Genia, Mike Hunkapiller, PacBio, Paul Billings, Life Tech, Moderator: Kevin Davies, ACS Noah Knauf, Warburg Pincus Jeanette McCarthy, Genome Magazine

Bridging the Education Gap in Personalized Medicine
8:30am Moving Towards
Personalized Therapies
Mission Bio Maureen Cronin, Celgene

Patient Data Philanthropy: the “Big Data” Driver Behind Precision Medicine
Big Data &
Small Trials: Translating Data into Clinical Biomarkers
Nicholas Dracopoli, Janssen R&D
8:45am Automated Systems for Personal-Scale Manufacture of Commercial Cancer Vaccines Robert Farrell, BioVest Epic Sciences
9:00am Personalized Medicine & Big Data Approaches in Neurologic Disease & Mental Health Fred Lee, Oracle Health Sciences,
John Jay Gargus, UCI
Richard A. Leach, Complete Genomics
Dennis Wall, Stanford University
Building & Implementing Predictive Biomarker Strategies for Early Phase Ann Kapoun, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals T2 Biosystems
9:15am PM with Targeted SMDCs and Companion Imaging Agents Christopher Leamon, Endocyte TeselaGen Steven Stein, Novartis

Flipping the Clinical Trial Approach 180 Degrees
9:30am Molecular Subtypes: The Changing Face of Cancer Management Neil Barth, Agendia Inc. Tiatros
9:45am Big Data: Storage and Management Transplant Genomics
A New Approach to Tackling Complex Diseases Andy Kogelnik, Open Medicine Institute
10:00am Break, Exhibition & Networking Break, Exhibition & Networking  
10:30am NGS Moving to the Clinic- Cont. Big Data: Storage and Management- Cont. Emerging Platforms Patient Education
How We Practice Medicine With Whole Genome Sequencing Howard Jacob, Medical College of Wisconsin Clinical Genomics: Systems and Quality Thinking Sanjay Joshi, EMC Peter Jackson, Stanford University School of Medicine Ruth Katz, MD Anderson

Liquid Biopsies: Current and Future Use of Circulating Tumor Cells in Personalized Oncology
10:45am Regulatory and Legal Considerations Panel:
How Will Bioinformatics Scale?
Jonathan Hirsch, Syapse, Sasha Wait Zaranek, Harvard Personal Genome Project, Somalee Datta, Stanford Center for Genomics & PM, Moderator: Theral Timpson, Mendelspod Donna G. Crenshaw, Duke University Medical Center
Discussion of Regulatory Issues of Molecular Diagnostics
Alan Mertz, ACLA, Edward Abrahams, PMC, Andrew Fish, AdvaMedDx
11:00am Nathan Price, Institute for Systems Biology
11:15am Panel: A Changed Landscape? The Impact of the Myriad Decision on Dx Companies Catherine Polizzi, Morrison & Foerster LLP, Ben Jackson, Myriad Genetics, Jose Haresco, JMP Securities, Steven Rosenberg, CardioDx, Moderator: Michael Shuster, Fenwick & West In the Age of Clinical Genomics Why are LIMS/LIS Still in 1999? Michael Ball, GenoLogics International Perspective Amir Onn, Sheba Medical Center, Israel

Application of Personalized Medicine for Lung Cancer
Gad Rennert, Technion & Carmel Medical Center of Clalit

11:30am Achieving Fast, Accurate & Scalable Genomic Data Analysis and Analytics Narges Bani Asadi, Bina Technologies Sasa Jenko, European Commission

11:45am The $1000 Genome and the $1000 Interpretation Ramesh Hariharan, Strand Life Sciences Nicky Lieberman, Medical Coverage, Clalit, Israel

12:00pm Lunch, Exhibition & Networking Lunch, Exhibition & Networking
1:00pm The Regulatory Framework for Personalized Drug Development Mike Pacanowski, Genomics Group, FDA Next Generation Sequencing Needs Next Generation Interpretation Doug Bassett, Ingenuity Amir Onn, Sheba Medical Center, Israel Lincoln Nadauld, Intermountain Healthcare

Personalized Oncology Care in a Healthcare System Setting
1:15pm Drug Discovery and Development
Patient, Disease & Drug Profiling Inform Patient Therapeutic Management Maureen Cronin, Celgene, Garret Hampton, Genentech, Mike Nohaile, Amgen, Steven Stein, Novartis Interpreting Genomes at Scale for Clinical Relevance Martin Reese, Omicia
1:30pm Identification of Novel Disease Causative Variants Ali Torkamani, Cypher Genomics
1:45pm Leveraging PGx for Truly Personalized Medicine Alexander Kaplun, BIOBASE Gabriel Eichler, Patients Like Me, Frank delaRama, PAMF, Maayan Cohen, Hello Doctor, Cynthia Kimball, The Kimball Family Foundation

Mobile Health and Patient Communities
2:00pm Drug Rescuing with GPScreen, Toxicity Biomarker Discovery & Companion Dx Han-Oh Park, Bioneer Clinical Genetic Sequencing in Oncology: Interpretation & Reporting Gavin J. Gordon, CollabRx
2:15pm The Power of Companion Diagnostic Testing in Personalized Medicine An Pang Chieng, WARFARIN Study Enabling Single Cell Analysis & PM Nikesh Kotecha, Cytobank Inc.
2:30pm Coverage and Reimbursement Affordable Innovation Through Integrated Genomics Prahalad Achutharao,
Market Implications: Coverage and Reimbursement for Molecular Testing Ira Klein, Aetna, Sean Tunis, Center for Medical Technology Policy, Bill McGivney, McGivney Global Advisors, Rina Wolf, XIFIN, Deneen Vojta, UnitedHealth
2:45pm Ethics and policy
IP: Ten Things a PM Company Should Know Tamara Fraizer, Fish & Richardson
3:00pm Break, Exhibition & Networking Break, Exhibition and Networking
3:30pm Cont.- Market Implications: Coverage and Reimbursement for Molecular Testing Principles for Clinical Trial Data Sharing to Support PM Steven Goodman, Stanford University Yona Barash, Surgical Oncology

Identifying and Managing Lynch Syndrome
3:45pm A Practical Ethics Strategy for the PM Paradigm Michael Thaler, UCSF
4:00pm Genomic Medicine in the Oncology Trenches: Evaluating & Implementing Data in the PM World Michael Kolodziej, Aetna Moving Genomics into the Clinic: Ethical & Policy Challenges David Magnus, Stanford University
4:15pm PMWC 2014 Most Promising Company Competition
Company Competition TOP 3 Presentations to Audience and Judging Panel
4:45pm 2013 Winner Update And Voting
4:55pm 2014 Winner Announcement
5:00pm Closing